Top 5 Hair Resolutions for the New Year!

The new year is all about having a fresh start, right? So… we’ve rounded up a list of our favourite ways to start the new year with happy healthy hair and some of the easiest ways to keep your hair happy all year long. If you commit to following these simple steps, we can almost guarantee that you will see a HUGE difference in your hair, making for one less resolution next year! 

1.) Start off with a clean slate: Starting the year with a new hair cut or a fresh trim will not only make you and your hair feel good but it will set you up with a healthy palette to build your happy hair resolution off of! Although we still recommend maintaining trims every 4-8 weeks, getting a nice heavy trim right into the new year will help you say goodbye to any styling damage from the previous year and give yourself another shot at doing things right! Plus, it’s a great way to monitor your maintenance with steps 2-4!

2.) Commit to a cool rinse: After conditioning, a cool rinse will seal in all the benefits of the conditioner and seal the cuticle. This will prevent excessive moisture loss during styling and help prevent breakage. The added bonus of this step, sealing the cuticle smooths out rough surfaces of the hair shaft, leaving the hair in it’s most shiny state.

3.) Use a spray on, conditioning, detangler: Before even thinking about taking a comb or brush to your hair, always use a light weight leave-in conditioner or detangler to help hair glide through the process more easily. 

4.) Detangle with a comb or brush that is meant for detangling: Rather than grabbing any old comb or brush that will only add to the pre-existing knots in our hair, opt to purchase a brush that is specifically designed to help detangle the hair and work out the knots in the least harsh way possible. We recommend Our Tangle Teaser range — they will make detangling a breeze!

5.) Research the proper heat settings for your hair appliances: This is probably the most important step out of all of them. I know the urge to crank the heat all the way up is very VERY tempting in the fast paced world we live in, but trust me, it’s not doing you any favours in the long run. If you have fine, fragile hair, keep hair at a lower heat setting to prevent over frying and over drying. It is crucial to follow this rule to prevent breakage and unnecessary damage. Heat is not a bad thing if it is properly controlled!

We hope this helps jump start your healthy start to a new year!

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