Healthy Blonde Hair Colour

There is only one time when everyone will be jealous of your beautiful blonde hair when it’s healthy and shiny!   

Dull, lifeless blonde hair is not attractive, we all know that, right?

We also know that blonde hair has had a little bit of help to get it there - and so it’s therefore a little damaged.

So, how can we get, and keep our blonde hair looking strong, shiny and beautiful - so that anyone in their right mind will be a bit jelly?…

Read on.....

      1. Do you really need to wash your hair everyday? Go at least a couple of days between shampoos.  You can consider conditioning without shampooing, or using a really good Dry Shampoo.
      3. Damage Check. Hot irons, curling wands and other heated styling tools can do soooo much damage to your beautiful blonde locks, so only use them when you must, BUT, if you do use them, please, please, please - use a really good heat protectant beforehand. 
      5. Hold in the Moisture. Wash your hair with lukewarm water rather than hot - this helps keep the moisture in and prevent your hair from drying out.
      7. Specific Blonde Care. Your Shampoo and Conditioner must be selected specifically for your hair - this will keep you perfectly blonde and boost the moisture in your hair.  Also, a proper blonde enhancer will prevent your blonde hair colour from fading and keep it looking bright - this is why we include a Blonde Gloss with every blonde hair colour package - it’s a necessity.
      9. Replenish! Use a deep conditioning blonde hair mask regularly, specifically prescribed for your blonde obsession - a good one will replenish the lost proteins in your hair, improve the softness, shine and strength and makes it way easier to style!   (The wrong mask can cause your hair to go stringy and flat or too fluffy, so it’s important to get the right one).

Your blonde colour specialist will give you the extra advice that is unique to you and your blonde hair colour, but these tips will at least keep everyones heads turning at your beautiful blonde hair.  

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