The 5 Big Hair Trends Coming Your Way

Right now is the most popular time to change the cut and colour of your hair. As we inch closer to summer and party season awaits, there’s no better time to book in for a refresh.

Go lighter

Hair always goes lighter and softer in summer – in winter, we always see more solid colour, We've been cutting in the salon all day and everyone wants their hair lighter.

Go longer

The lob’s reign may be over – hairstyles are getting longer again. Everyone’s had their lobs, and now they’re growing out and women are wearing their hair anywhere between the collarbone and an inch above the breast. It’s the new long hair. That kind of length used to be no-man’s land, but now it feels so fresh.

Consider a fringe

Fringes are still massive – women are growing out the fringe they had in winter to form a centre part curtain fringe that sits somewhere on the top of the cheekbones.

Go back to your roots

You heard it first from Kendall Jenner’s hairstylist – the ombre look is over. “Hair painting [aka balayage] is still huge, but gone are the days of mid-lengths and ends only. Hair is being painted with lighteners from the roots now, for a more seamless, natural effect – none of that obvious ombre demarcation.

Pick up a brush

The one thing every hairdresser wishes more women would do to their hair? Brush it. Healthy hair starts at the scalp. Think of the benefits you get from exfoliating your face – the same happens when you exfoliate the scalp by brushing. We recommend brushing your hair every night before bed to promote hair growth and remove dead skin cells.

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