Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid

Common hair care mistakes to be avoided

Not conditioning hair

How to protect hair during summer

A conditioner after shampoo protects the hair from dryness by keeping them soft and smooth and free from split ends.

Heat styling without protection

The modern methods of heat styling make the hair brittle and dry. It is better to use a heat protective serum or hair spray before blow drying, curling or flattening the tresses.

Not brushing hair before a wash

Hair breakage during shampoo can be reduced by running a hair brush through the tangled hair before washing them.

Rubbing the hair dry with a towel needs to be avoided

Hair is weak when wet and they tend to break by rubbing. The water should be squeezed out with a towel wrap. Comb should not be used to detangle wet hair and blow dries them.

Tying hair tight before sleeping

Tossing and turning in bed with hair tied very tightly result in hair breakage. The hair should be tied loosely before going to bed.

Applying hair styling products to the scalp

Use of gels, serums and sprays to set the hair need to be limited. These products cause problems like hair fall, dull and lifeless hair

Too much conditioning

Since your hair is becoming dry and unattractive during the summer days with too much heat, it is always important to condition your hair. But, most of the people are using too much conditioning technique. This can lead to variety of hair problems. Thus, it is better to avoid too much conditioning.

Hair sprays

Some people have a tendency of using hair spray over their hair. They think during summer, their hair tends to stink due to sweat formed over the scalp. But, the hair sprays are very harmful for your hair as this will eradicated the natural oils from the surface of your scalp. It is better to avoid hair sprays on a hot summer day.

Tips for daily care of healthy, strong and shiny hair

How to treat frizzy hair at home

Trim Hair Regularly: Regular trimming of hair keep the hair healthy by cutting off the split ends. Split ends are caused by dryness caused by sunshine, combing and use of hair styling tools.

Use Appropriate Shampoo: It is important to use a shampoo that suits the type of hair Shampoos with mild chemicals are best as they do not harm the hair.

Be Gentle: The hair need to be brushed in a gentle manner. Harsh and excessive combing or brushing will damage the hair.

Healthy diet is an important factor for healthy hair: Food containing eggs, vegetables, legumes leafy vegetables and grains make the hair strong.

Stay natural: It is better to avoid using frequent hair driers, colors and heat exposures. The chemicals that are used in these products and methods are strong and harmful to hair.

Reduce stress and remain happy: Stress leads to loss of hair.

Nourish Your Scalp: Hair need to be nourished at least once a week with oil to keep them

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