Finding the Right Colour for Your Cut!

Many of you may be feeling the need to switch up your look and go for a whole new you! That’s where we come in… we’ve rounded up the most common hair cut and colour dilemmas so you know the do’s and don’ts going into your new style! We’ve broken it down by style type so you can mix and match to personalize your look without any problems!

1. Layers: The best part about traditional layers is you can pull off almost any colour with them! Layers tend to make a single process colour look more multidimensional and make highlights blend beautifully. We personally LOVE a partial highlight with shorter layers so you can see the underlying darker colour in the longest layer in the back. This is a timeless look that will never go out of style!

2. Stacking or Tapering: This is another technique that makes chunky highlights difficult. Stacking highlighted hair can leave the back of the head with a checkerboard pattern. So, if you are looking to add some colour to your single process, try just doing a mohawk of highlights or some peek-a-boo colour blocking techniques to blend the look together! This would definitely make your look pop!

3. Bangs: Bangs can be so much fun with hair colour! Although the same chunky highlight rule tends to apply to a dramatic straight across bang, you can still do thin highlights or awesome colour blocking peek-a-boo’s in a straight across or side bang! We LOVE a little colour pop right on the face. You would be surprised how much this could spice up your look!

4. Blunt Cuts: This is obviously the cut that will work with any colour, however, we do recommend adding a little dimension to break up the look. We LOVE ombre and balayage on long blunt cuts, this is a great way to give hair a layered appearance without making the commitment to cut!

We hope this helps you narrow down the hunt for your new look!

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