Don't Settle For Dry Hair This Winter

The Winter months are approaching and so to is the increased need to protect our hair from the harsh conditions this change of weather brings. It really is the time for taking extra care of our locks, as these months tend to call for extra attention when it comes to daily, fabulous hair! In addition to being a beauty buzzkill, your hair and scalp suffers from the lack of moisture in the air – this is owed mainly to inconsistent temperatures from cold temperatures outside and the heated air indoors. This lack of essential moisture puts your hair at risk of fizziness, breakage and causes the common occurrence of a dry, itchy and irritated scalp.

Having a Winter hair care routine is essential for beautiful hair, however many tend to ignore the need to switch over products when it begins to cool. Don't be alarmed there's no need for a complete over-haul of your haircare essentials! Rather, we recommend adding in a couple of products to suit your hair needs - and for many this is primarily a treatment that moisturizes and gets you winter hair ready!

BANISH your seriously, dry and flaky scalp with a high quality scalp care shampoo. The ultimate go-to scalp cleansers are enriched with Green Tea, Chamomile, Rosemary Leaf, Ginseng and Argan Oil and all natural – ready to fight your dehydrated, malnourished and lacklustre locks. If you want immediate relief this winter look after your scalp. 

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